Slim Cropped BlackWhite JMS OFFICIAL - Copy I’m an authentically creative, social and curious writer with specialist qualifications in men’s luxury apparel and accessories; men’s and women’s fashion; luxury and specialty retail operations; comedy; and crime writing. I write for consumer and trade print and digital media; television; professional comedians; corporate executives and brands and audiences in nightclubs who pay to watch me perform my work on stage.

The styles of writing I’m most skilled in are simple articles; simple blog posts; product descriptions; social posts; satire; stand-up comedy; dark/black humor; long-form articles; long-form blog posts; service descriptions; speeches; letters; researched blog posts; creative nonfiction.

I am not a professional or expert editor.  

This website hosts selected samples of my work. They’re in the menu to your left if you’re using a desktop or laptop, and they’ll drop down from above if you’re reading this on a handheld device.  The samples are subject to change.

The following are selected people, brands, stores, publications and businesses I’ve worked with:

RETAIL & MEN’S STYLE: Louis,Boston, Burberry, Riccardi, Wilkes Bashford, Cesare Attolini, Alfred Dunhill, Santoni, de Corato Boutiques, Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Shop, Hugo Boss, Davide Cenci, Paul Stuart, Brooks Brothers, Man of the World, Gentry, Carven, Tie Your Tie, Louis Leeman, Jeffrey Rudes and Silvano Lattanzi/Zintala

PUBLISHING, ONLINE & PRINT: Menswear Retailing Magazine, DETAILS, Gawker,, Inside Fashion Magazine, The Boston Globe Magazine.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy, StandUp New York and Dangerfield’s.

APPAREL & FASHION WHOLESALE: CD Network NYC, Jodina Trading, Umberto Valatti, Albizzati, Flannel Bay, Silvio Fiorello, Taccaliti, Fly 3, Tardia, Stefano Piazza, RED, Palatino

SPECIALTY MANUFACTURING, FASHION & LIFESTYLE: Paul Cox Industries (custom motorcycles, ironworks and leather), & (women’s accessories and lifestyle manufacturing), Tardini (Louisiana alligator, crocodile and caiman fashion accessories), Emmanuel Farre (leather colorist)

TELEVISION: HBO (sitcom treatment); The Avenue is a thirty-minute single-camera sitcom based in the world of Madison Avenue luxury apparel retailing. The show focuses on the wealthy apex-predator consumer tribes who shop in this culture and the not-so-wealthy retail salespersons who work in service to them.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE: Broad Street Development 

EDUCATION: (STEM curriculum provider/publisher)

SEX & CRIME: I’ve written extensively about offenses against persons or property, violent offense, sexual offense, penology (U.S. jail and prison inmate cultures), illicit sexual commerce, alternative sexual cultures and pornography. Please ask for details.

Contact me at or call 1-917-319-5486