site1-look-12511-rbwJMS is a New York City-based apparel and lifestyle consultancy for men.

I began JMS in October of 2010. Today, JMS is associated with over four hundred of the world’s leading menswear resources*, and operates autonomously among all of them on behalf of clients worldwide. Because JMS isn’t employed by any single store, manufacturer, custom tailor or brand, we’re agile, candid and purely client-facing. We’re compensated by our consumer clients – never by those supplying our clients with products or services. Because of this,  JMS cultivates meaningful relationships by rendering the highest quality products and services, while delivering authentic value in a uniquely tasteful and innovative way.

This website hosts selected samples of my menswear writing, JMS client testimonials, and selected summaries of JMS work projects.

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*associations with menswear stores, menswear showrooms, menswear manufacturers (of belts, outerwear, leather, tailored clothes, cotton and wool knits, socks, footwear), tailors, independent shoe makers, shoe colorists, shoe restorers, independent knitters, weavers, embroiderers, milliners, metalsmiths, leather artisans and tailors, denim tailors, denim restoration experts, denim designers and fabric developers, hand laundries and restorative dry cleaning.