ABOUT THE WORK: Client Testimonials

James’ writing talent is off the charts: equal parts cerebral and creative. He can write for any audience on any topic and get it right the first time. I’ve never known someone who possesses the versatility to write everything from business articles and blog posts to satire and jokes. If you are looking for a writer who delivers exceptional results, on time and on target, hire James.

Debra Goldberg, Owner, Copy Love, a creative shop for writers, editors and digital content specialists

James is polished, professional and resourceful…no frills, no BS;  just a sound, straightforward approach. He’s onto all the right ideas, all the time.

John Kalell, Buyer, Louis,Boston; Men’s Designer, Calvin Klein, Creative Director J. Crew (retired)

James is authentically passionate. He brims with humor, optimism and vision, and he executes with a high sense of style, but always free of pretension.  He’s a bright light and his interest in you will make you shine.

Vincent Cannariato Jr., President, Vincent Limousine, New York, NY

James is unquestionably the go-to guy for all aspects of writing and is a dynamic professional who brings expertise and integrity to all of his endeavors. It is a pleasure to work with someone who has both his level of enthusiasm for his work as well as for his customers.

Jane Singer, Director & Head of Market Intelligence at Inside Fashion

James is a pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge on so many different levels makes him an incredible resource to have.  His attention to detail and the breadth of his response when an inquiry comes in is simply outstanding. I give James my highest endorsement without equivocation.

Daniel Blanco, Co-Founder, Broad Street Development, New York, NY

I worked with James on MR Magazine (Menswear Retailing Magazine), the leading trade publication on men’s fashion. In addition to exceptional writing skills, James showed–and continues to show–a profound understanding of the transformative power of well-made clothes. His is a rare talent!

Karen Alberg Grossman, Editor-in-Chief, MR Magazine (Menswear Retailing Magazine)

Mr. James Rarus is amazing individual in terms of variety of talent needed in business writing development, such as communication, gentle and luxurious sense and attitude, fields of knowledge and sense to cover diversity cultures. Not to mention the connection with the finest people. One of the most respectful business person in my business network.

Hiroki Ueno, VP Business Development – PRIMO 株式会社

James is someone who, when directed to do something, not only does it, but gets it done in ways that exceed expectations. While employed by us, he showed me new ways to market our retail division. His attitude was always positive. He’s a real can-do guy.

Gene Brown, President, Santoni Shoes USA

James is a true professional: He listens to your needs, assesses your circumstance and then creates a plan that he executes flawlessly. In my case, he hit on all cylinders for quality of work, aesthetics, and time management.

Steve Alfieri, Business Development and Management, New York, NY